Как объяснить иностранцу смысл фразы "в рот мне ноги"?

Идиота кусок
[Idiota kusok]
Literally: A piece of idiot Describes a really stupid person.

В рот мне ноги
[V rot mne nogi]
Literally: Legs into my mouth. When you are surprised by someone or something.

Ну нахер
[Nu naher]
Literally: "fuck it" or "Let it be". Used as "Fuck it, I don't care".

Literally: To fuck-dig
Used like "Jesus Christ" when you are surprised by something.

Just a clumsy person.

Literally: All the same cocks.
When something doesn't matter because it's all the same to you.

Literally: Fucking great!
An answer to ,flow are you doing?". When you're "Zaebis", you're fucking great!

Ебаные пассатижи
[Yobannye passatizhi]
Literally: Fucking pliers.
Used to express surprise in a negative way

И хули?
[I hooly?]
Literally: And now? Fuck?
When you need to express "And so what?" in a very aggressive way.

Пизда рулю
[Pizda rulyu]
Everything is fudged now We're doomed and screwed.

Someone who is easily fooled.

Ну охуеть теперь
[Nu ohuet teper]
Literary: Okay we are fucked. Expressing surprise, even shock, like: "Wow what do we do now?!"

A very nasty sounding word that literally means "trickily fucked". Meaning someone who is too fancy snobbish, or pretending to be smarter than you.

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